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WEIHAI WEIYING TOOL CO., LTD. Telephone: +86-631-5685601

WeiYing tool to do China's best super hard cutting tool


"In recent years, we are committed to building a world-class super hard cutting tool, and the localization of the. Now the goal is slowly becoming a reality." Wei Yu Qiao, general manager of the hard.

For a long time, subject to the domestic super hard cutting tool market behind the actual, China's automobile engine production line has to rely on the import tool. Now, this situation with a turnaround in hard A new force suddenly rises. wei.

Data show that as of now, American General Corporation in China 3 engine plant, nearly half of the production line to use the Wei hard tool, South Korea Department of modern Avia brand car engine production line are almost the Wei hard tool and Geely sedan, JAC, Qinan mg and other domestic first-line well-known car brands, and Wei hard negotiate cooperation...... A hard brought by Wei "Chinese manufacturing" is the domestic market rose light engine.

Hard in the Wei, the "made in China" emboldened from brings to the glued to the national industrial policy oriented strategy for winning, adhere to the technical innovation of excellent quality, and excellent after-sales service team to win the stable market.

"Early on, we mainly produce auto parts processing by the use of tools, such as piston, cylinder, bearing, wheel hub, brake disc, later with in the lower end of the domestic market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, especially after the international financial crisis, originally booming orders in foreign markets shrinking dramatically, we decided to find a way out."

Joe said that difficult market hard experience tell them, do everything possible to take better policy ride to seek the vitality. Therefore, when the State encourages the development of 1.6 litres of the following small displacement economy cars, and launched a 4 trillion yuan stimulating domestic demand, they aimed at the cars and large diesel engine industry, coupled with later, the national "1025" planning the introduction, explicitly will exceed hard materials included in the key catalogue, they resolutely embarked on a road of high-tech new materials.

In the Wei hard grinding workshop, neatly stocked with 9 sets of more than 2 million yuan price of grinder, can CCD online detection, automatic compensation grinding, automatic blade and other advanced technology operation. According to reports, in order to develop a new technology, Granville hard at the expense of spend lots of money from Europe to the introduction of the world's most advanced grinding machine, and the organization of technical staff of painstaking research developed ultra hard advanced tool, "on behalf of the cars, milling, boring, grinding is realized and successfully solve the many high precision processing technical problems.

"This is our independent research and development of the world's most advanced super hard tools, just put into production in the near future." Joe pointed to a diamond composite rotary tool told reporters that this tool adopts integrated design, can realize the one-time processing of the hole, operation efficiency is dozens of times of the ordinary hard alloy, completely changed the traditional mode of the distributed processing of, truly realize the high precision, high efficiency and high life. Last year, the research results obtained the Innovation Fund for the province this year, also won the national Ministry of science and technology innovation fund, the company encouraged. With this technology, recently, their R & D center success among the Municipal Center of technology research and development.

Hard in the Wei, active a high-quality after-sales service team, composed entirely of Bachelor degree or above, majored in personnel, their long-term stationed in a workshop for the production of hard across the country Wei customers, for customers to provide delivery, field trial, technical services, such as first-line nanny service. Next, they are going to repair equipment is also equipped with products to customers, once the running problems, it can be the first time to repair, to ensure zero customer loss.

High quality customer service service Weiying won high recognition. A well-known domestic engine manufacturer has said that buy imported cutters, often require three or four months even six months to get the goods and once appear quality problem, it is almost impossible to expect the supplier can from abroad came to solve, but Wei hard but can the delivery cycle control within 15 days, also specially sent to customer Service Engineer on-site service, such sincerity so that they have no reason to refuse to cooperate for a long time.

"We are not the largest super hard tool manufacturers, but we must make the best." Joe said firmly.

All rights reserved by WEIHAI WEIYING TOOL CO., LTD. 2012-2013 Archival Info.: Lu ICP Remake ICP 12011979

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